Veil-Up is a natural fiber face cover, made of 100% sustanable fabric designed to improve the purchasing process for both: Clients and brands.

we make fashion brands and shopping more sustainable.

In Veil-Up, we love fashion and we know that fashion is one of the top industries which contributes to pollute de enviroment but we know this reponsability is not onesided, we believe that everyone has a responsability with the environment. We believe is worth trying to make a change in the right direction , however small it may be. Veil-up is that product which helps to make the shopping experience less harmfull for the environment from both sides: the client and the fashion industry. Introducing Veil-up in your client’s experience is a win-win situation. Veil-up is a 100% sustainable face cover which the client use in the fitting room when trying clothes on, to avoid make-up stains and pulled threads in the garments.If you want to know more how this product contributes in making fashion more sustainable please go to our page ‘making fashion more sustainable’.