Experience and innovation by the hands of Luz Soilán, designer of the Veil-up face-mask. She was a businesswoman in the furniture sector, currently she works as a kitchen designer and she previously worked in the healthcare sector, where looking for a solution to her daily problem of staining her uniform with makeup, she found out that it did not exist nothing like this on the market.

On the other hand, Alberto Lage, began studying fashion design in Madrid as he was a fashion enthusiast and decided to take a leap of faith and he moved to London where he studied Fashion Marketing. Live and work there for for ten years, always related to the world of fashion once he got enough profesional experience he completed a life cycle and takes a break from the big city, returning to his native Lugo.

A ‘hybrid’ Marketing and Communication course united us seven hours a day during seven months. Two people who love fashion, with entrepreneurial and ambitious minds.

We hit it off from the first moment.

Luz.- Alberto is dynamic, sensitive, hard-working, a good colleague and he likes fashion and design as much as I do, he was a business crush, I immediately knew everything he could contribute to Veil-Up!

Alberto.- I liked the project, the product and I love working with Luz, with some changes in perspective I knew it could be successful. From my experience in luxury fashion I knew that Veil-Up was a need in the fashion sector, a product of the future that is here to stay and soon It will be in all luxury brands, makeup stores, in clinics, photography studios… anywhere you need to change your clothes, you need Veil-Up.

⬛ Let’s Veil-Up the fashion industry.